The NEV8 HyperDeck Bridge allows DMX control of the Blackmagic HyperDeck family of video recorders. All loop edits are built, stored, and recalled with DMX channels.

The HyperDeck is a welcome change from the proprietary hard disk format of the Omegas. HyperDeck SSDs are formatted for Mac and can read and record in ProRes so everything is easier, cheaper and looks great.

DMX Fixtures for: GrandMA1, GrandMA2

001 CLIP – A recorded element on the disk. First three digits of the fileneme set the DMX address.
002 IN(fine) – In point offset based on the CLIP.
003 IN(coarse)
004 START(fine) – START offset adds to the IN offset, loops within clip.
005 START(coarse)
006 OUT(fine) – Out point offset based on the CLIP.
007 OUT(coarse)
008 SPEED – slow and fast transport speed.
009 DIRECTION – independent direction control for busking.
010 MODE – End Stop, Looping, Bounce, Mulch, Shuffle, Wander, and Scrub modes.
011 FRAMERATE – 0-60fps refresh rates (independent of transport speed).
012 CONTROL – [refresh]