The NEV8 DMX Bridge allows video equipment to be controlled with your lighting console and seamlessly integrated with your lighting show.

Our current NEV8 embedded controllers are available for rental directly through Breckinridge Design LLC as a supported dry-rental, or as a sub-rental through your favorite touring video company. We can provide onsite assistance with system builds, training, and show programming. Contact us for pricing and availability.

The NEV8 is the first DMX Bridge Controller to be built on an embedded platform. It’s a collaboration between engineer Steve McIntyre of Anitech Systems and myself (aka Breckinridge Design and Diagonal Research).  It features changeable profiles on four independent channels so four different devices can be controlled simultaneously. The embedded 1U rackmount design eliminates the need for the mouse, keyboard, and monitor, speeds up boot and shutdown times, and increases reliability. For more detailed information about NEV versions back to 1999 check out the NEV FAQ.



Power Supply – Internal switching 100-230v. Switch on front panel.

Control Inputs – (1) dedicated ethernet port for Artnet input (1) 5-pin DMX input and (1) MIDI input

Control Outputs – (1) dedicated ethernet device-control port (4) serial rs232/422 ports and (1) MIDI output

Front panel PROFILE lights showed the profile type on each of the 4 channels: green for mixers, blue for DVRs and so on.

Front panel STATUS lights showed errors and other useful information specific to the profile selected for that channel. For example, the Omega profile will show green when there’s a valid loop selected, blue when there is no loop, white when it’s in highlight mode, and red when an invalid zero or negative loop has been created.

The front panel buttons and LCD are used to navigate setup menus and to show real-time information about the status of the profiles running on each channel. You can look at the incoming DMX, look at the DVR drive indexes, and get other specific information about the individual profiles running on each channel.